The Siam Well Test 2.0 Development Report

We are finishing the work on the second version of the Siam Well Test. We will announce the release date is the near future.


Including SIAM WELL TEST in the register of Russian software

The Siam Well Test was included in the register of Russian software № 13991 on the basis of the order of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of Russia, dated 22/06/2022. The number of a protocol of the expert council meeting is № 793PR, dated 13/06/2022.


Siam Well Test with cloud calculations release

The application interface has remained the same, while the main mathematical operations is now located on our servers.


SiamEngy – mobile app release

SiamEngy is a multitool application, a set of tools for solving the day-to-day tasks of oil and gas engineers.


The efficient method for pressure calculation at variable rate

The method is proposed to speed up of a bottomhole well flowing pressure calculation with variable rates according to the production history in this paper.


Numerical simulation module

The numerical simulation module for single-phase filtration has been developed. This module will be included in the second generation of SiamWellTest


SiamWellTest: update to version 1.0.3

The interface of interactions with users was improved, loading and processing tools, gas well IPR models were added.


SIAM WellTest expertise from Bashneft-PETROTEST LLC

«SIAM Welltest» complex IT system was being tested by the specialists of LLC “Bashneft-Pertrotest” from 15.07.2020 to 15.08.2020. According to the results...


SiamWellTest: update to version 1.0.2

The interface of interactions with users was improved, calculations of additional parameters, the codes of automatic search for solutions were added, errors of information displayed were corrected.


The interpretation of a well with an auto hydraulic-fracture

During the injection wells operation such a phenomenon as AHF is often encountered – the auto hydraulic-fracture of a formation caused by high pressure of fluid injection. The resulting fractures have variable geometry…


SiamWellTest: update to version 1.0.1

The model "Auto hydraulic fracture", fluid "Condensate", correlations for fluid "Condensate" were added. The computing performance was increased, the interface was improved, errors in the application were corrected.


SIAM WellTest expertise from Gazpromneft STC LLC

«SIAM Welltest» complex IT system was tested at the premises of “Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Center” in April 2019.


Version release 1.0.0

The first SiamWellTest product assembly has been released. The current version has the functionality for the interpretation of PTA using analytical modelling…