Siam Well Test with cloud calculations release


What is the uniqueness of the software update?

The application interface has remained the same, while the main mathematical operations is now located on our servers. The connection between the client and the remote server is protected by encryption using the HTTPS protocol.

Online version advantages:

  • simplified way to obtain a license;
  • there is no application license binding to a computer or a physical key;
  • lower computer performance requirements.

Cloud calculations deployment opens up a number of prospects for us! These include the browser version of Siam Well Test and the license access granting to the computing API.

New possibilities

At the same time, a full version of the application with a hardware key is also being developed in parallel and is available for testing and purchase.

The release of the online version greatly simplifies the way to get demo access! After our managers approve the request, an message will be sent to your email address with a link to the online application version, with a login and password for registration.

Now we can consider not only corporate applications, but also personal ones.

If you are a specialist in PTA or just oil engineer or student, you can find out more about our product with online version.