Siam Well Test

  • Preparing sensor data
  • Detailing of PVT properties
  • Analytical modelling
  • Research interpretation
  • Postprocessing
  • Export results
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Data loading module

Data loading module

It is an integrated workspace for loading and processing of data on rates and pressures, information preparation and selecting areas for analysis.

Big data filter

The software contains the tools for processing and thinning out big data.

Unlimited data packages

It allows loading multiple packages of pressures, rates and PVT properties, and their combining to do analyses.

Interactive editing tools

Special tools allows you to edit data with the help of the computer mouse by intuition.

PVT module

PVT module

The module is made as simplified and informative as possible, all the necessary components and tools are placed on one screen.

4 various phases

Oil, gas, water and condensate; Interpretations of pressure and pseudo-pressure are available depending on the selected phase combination.

3D models of correlations

The chosen correlations have 3D models aside from the classical view.

Loading arbitrary relations

Module tools allow loading correlations from external sources for use

Gas Specific Gravity Correlations

By gas composition, wet gas

Correlations of pseudocritical gas parameters (Ppc, Tpc)

By gas composition, Condensate, Sutton, Standing, Carr et al


Supercompressibility factor (Z): Dranchuk, Hall-Yarborough, Standing, Dranchuk-Abou Kassem; Gas compressibility (Cg): Dranchuk; Viscosity (µg): Lee et al.


Bubble-point pressure (Pb), gas oil ratio (Rs): Standing, Vasquez-Beggs, Glaso, Petrosky-Farshad; Volume factor (Bo): Standing, Vasquez-Beggs, Glaso, Petrosky-Farshad; Oil compressibility (Co): Vasquez-Beggs, Petrosky-Farshad; Viscosity (µo): Beggs-Robinson, Beal, Glaso, Andrade, Petrosky.


Gas water ratio (Rsw): Meehan-Ramey, McCain; Volume factor (Bw): Meehan-Ramey; Water compressibility (Cw): Osif; Viscosity (µw): Van Wingen-Frick, Helmholtz-Frick


Condensate gas ratio (rs): Kleyweg; Compressibility (Cg): Dranchuk

Interpretation module

Interpretation module

The main screen of the application has a number of classical and interactive tools for detailed analysis of test data

Manual model adaptation

The "slider" tool allows changing parameters in real time that leads to convenient and efficient adjustment to the model manually

Regression solution search

The app uses the Levenberg-Marquard optimization method to find a solution automatically

Interactive charts

Data charts have tools for editing the model and displaying additional information

Wellbore storage

No WBS, Constant WBS, Changing WBS (Fair)


Vertical, Uniform flux fracture, Infinite conductivity fracture, Finite conductivity fracture, auto hydraulic-fracture, Limit entry, Horizontal, Horizontal multi fractured


Homogeneous, Dual Porosity PSS, Dual Porosity Slab, Dual Porosity Sphere, Radial Composite


Infinite, One fault, Intersecting faults, Channel, Limited channel, Circle, Rectangle, Interference

Postprocessing and export

Aside from interpretation tools, there are all kinds of additional tools that provide supplementary information in addition to the data obtained in analytical modelling. Standard tools of the application allow loading data textually and graphically. With available support integration with any other software product is possible


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