SIAM WellTest expertise from Bashneft-PETROTEST LLC


«SIAM Welltest» complex IT system was being tested by the specialists of LLC “Bashneft-Pertrotest” from 15.07.2020 to 15.08.2020. According to the results the capability of «SIAM Welltest» to carry out stream processing and pressure transient analysis design was proved.

Testing was conducted in three stages:

  1. Comparative analysis of functionality and that of similar software programs;
  2. Comparative analysis of data interpretation results;
  3. Evaluation of list of models to interpret and model pressure transient analysis.

During the test a number of advantages were arisen:

«Among the advantages the manual tools of model matching, the interactivity with chart data, the interference tool may be identified»

«All interpretations presented a good convergence, option setting error within 10%, which is acceptable and caused by visual identification of radial flow position»

«The presence of additional model - auto hydraulic-fracture in comparison with the software being used should be mentioned as this model is a characteristic of injection wells»

Also some drawbacks to overcome were mentioned:

«Nevertheless, some functionalities to be improved should be noted. This could enhance «SIAM Welltest» complex IT system as a tool of pressure transient analysis processing. It gives the opportunity to generate reports, to integrate application with other software programs when downloading interpretation results, to realize numerical models to test processing as well as the functionality of recovery data analysis.»

On the basis of the tests it was concluded that «SIAM Welltest» possesses all necessary tool sets to process pressure transient analysis:

««SIAM Welltest» complex IT system possesses all necessary tool sets to process pressure transient analysis. The tool sets of «SIAM Welltest» a new approach to interpretation on the basis of nonlinear regression. During the whole period of testing application were no malfunctions, no unexpected software closedown. A comparative data processing presented a good convergence of obtained results»